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Last night I danced (a poem by Dr. Berry)

Last night I danced….I whirled and twirled….I laughed…..I cried

Last night I danced vivaciously

It was not pre-rehearsed rthythmed, choreography,

but last night I danced expressively

I just whirled and twirled…I leaped and I swerved…I lunged and plunged

Then, after following the prompting of the Holy Spirit,

I fell to my feet in worship and I danced on the cold, bare floor….

My arms whirled and twirled…..I spoke words but only One heard

Last night I danced…..my arms whirled and twirled flowingly ….I nervously laughed….I passionately cried

Then my Holy Suitor,

Lifted me from all the disappointments and He Soothingly kissed my tears and

erased my pain,

He didn’t just applaud but he joined me and We innovatively and we artistically danced

and He brilliantly smiled and I could see the rivers move in His eyes

I was so mesmerized yet I didn’t miss a beat….

And when this special dance that started off as a solo; yet ended as a pas de deux,

was finished…

He lifted me unto my bed of roses anndddddd

I slept…and danced some more~


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