Discussions concerning Praise Dance Ministries

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Janice Baskin Berry is the oldest of seven children born to educators. She has always enjoyed dancing. Though the urging of her mother,  she enrolled in formal dance training at the age of 12 years old. Her first class was a Modern Dance Class. While she was enrolled in undergraduate school, she pursued dance as her Minor. She continued her courses in graduate school, completing a Masters Degree.  While working on her doctorate, she received additional professional development in dance, locally and nationally, and is a member of several professional dance organizations.  Janice has organized several church Praise Dance Teams, and taught dance in Birmingham City Schools. After receiving her doctorate degree in Theology, she became an assistant to a high school dance teacher in the Birmingham district. She has written and published several articles on dance. Currently, she is working on her 2nd doctorate through the University of Phoenix (online). “Jan” is founder/director of Birmingham Dance, which is a community Praise Dance collaborative. This specified team does various genres of dance to Christian Music. She believes that once God gives you a talent, you should reciprocate the gift and use it for His services. Dr. Berry is divorced and is the proud mother one married daughter, Bianca, a married god-daughter Jennifer (both are dancers), and a doting grandmother to a Blake Amir.


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