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Worship is a heart thing~

Dear Dancers:
Remember when all we did was memorize a few steps in our dance rehearsals and thought to ourselves this is it! Well, I hate to disappoint you but it is not.
God is calling for us to enter into worship. We must go past remembering basic movement to enter beyond the veil. While the aesthetic beauty of the choreography may please the audience, Adonai is looking at the content of our hearts. Are we really hastening to enter into his throne, forgetting our menial identities?
This is what our loving Father desires more than anything. He wants us to continually thirst and yearn to touch His gentle face. He wants us to chase Him. He wants us to dance with our teams; yet seek His face.
Is all this possible? Some of us are still struggling to remember the choreography, there are others who knows their parts in the dance when to releve’, to plie, tendu, still others, after memorizing the simple steps, have chosen to worship, to please God…while dancing to rhythmic beats of praise This is what God is longing for, searching for, He wants us to reach the throne room.
While I must admit, the multi-tasks of knowing the steps and entering into worship is not always easy, IT IS POSSIBLE. Let us not negate, our personal worship time, entering into his presence, weeping and seeking only His face. Daily we should search for Him, daily should we seek His face. May His presence so saturate our hearts in our personal worship that corporate praise would not not be a struggle.
During the judgment, when all of our sacred movements are tried in the fire…will they be utterly consumed or come out as PURE GOLD! The end result is up to you.



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