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What is Dance? How was it used in the Holy Bible? Who Danced? Provide scriptural references.

As a pre-requisite to this discussion on dance may I mention that The word ‘Dance’ or ‘Dancing’ is used between 19-21 times in the King James Version of the Bible. Verses: Dance; – 2 Samuel 6:14 – Matthew 14:6 Dancing; Ex 15:20 – Ex 32:19 – Ex 32:25 – Jdg 11:34 – Jdg 21:19-21 – 1Sa 18:6…1Sa 21:11 – 1Sa 30:16 – 2Sa 6:14-16 – Job 21:11 – Ps 30:11 – Ps 149:3 – Ps 150:4 – Eccl 3:4 – Jer 31:4 – Jer 31:13 – Lam 5:15 – Mat 11:17 – Luke 15:23-25 – Mark 6:22

 Webster’s Dictionary defines dancing as “to move the body, especially the feet, in rhythm, ordinarily to music. The Hebrew word used in the Old Testament carried with it the idea of whirling and turning. Greek words used in the New Testament have to do with lifting up the feet or leaping with regularity of motion. The word “dance” was first used in Exodus 15:20 when Miriam took up the *tabret and danced in celebration of the Hebrew people crossing the Red Sea, escaping the enemy that “they would see no more.” The Hebrew word used for dancing in the Old Testament refers simply to whirling and turning or a more experienced, technical dancer may say chaine or PK turns. 

 The Biblical framework in the bible, for dance includes dance as being used for celebrations, weddings, and  funerals. But dance was also used for seduction. However, this is NOT something that dancers as “instruments of praise” should model. Some people did it as an expression unto The Lord as David when he fervently danced before The Lord. This [praise] dance was after he retrieved the ark of the covenant using a tabret. The tabret was also used  by Miriam in celebration after the Israelites crossed the Red Sea – Exodus 15:20. It can be also employed to prepare the atmosphere for the Spirit of Prophecy – I Samuel 10:5-6 or an instrument of beauty – Job 17:6. Now for a few scriptures references, these are not ALL of the references on dance, they are just a few:

  1. In Exodus 32:19, the record states that the children of Israel danced around and worshipped the golden calf they asked Aaron to make while Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments and God’s covenant. That, of course, was not approved.
  2. Judges 11:34 presents an example of the daughter of one of the Israelite judges (Jephthah) dancing alone. Exodus 15:20-21 gives an account of women dancing to celebrate God’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt after the Red Sea crossing. There is no mention of men dancing with them.
  3. Again, in Judges 21:19 we have an example of women dancing alone—without men. In 1 Samuel 18:6, women danced to celebrate one of King David’s victories. In 2 Samuel 6:14-16, in what was apparently an act of worship to God, David himself danced before the ark of the covenant.
  4. And Psalms 149:3 and 150:4 speak of praising God through dance. Turning to 1 Samuel 30:16, we read of soldiers (men only) dancing. In Ecclesiastes 3:4, Solomon wrote that there is a time for almost everything. He includes a “time for dancing,” in contrast to a “time for mourning.”
  5. And the prophet Jeremiah (31:13) foretold a time when dancing would be the joyous result of God’s work.Finally,
  6. Matthew 14:6 r ecords the dancing of Herodias’ daughter before Herod. This provocative dance of seduction so affected the old monarch that he offered her anything she wanted—up to half his kingdom. That dance cost John the Baptist his head. (This lewd form of dance nor any seduction movements of the waist and hips should NOT be done in the church as a form of praises to God).

 *A tabret a small round one-sided drum (percussive instrument) with tinsel (mylar) and noted as one of the first instruments (along with the pipe) created by God to be used to glorify Him – Ezekiel 28:13. The Tabret is also known as the tabor, glory hoop, tambourine, topheth or timbrel. The tabret serves a dual function: 1.An instrument of praise to God 2.An offensive weapon of war based on the symbol that is on the face of them – Isa. 30:32. The Lord is restoring the tabret to His bride before – Jeremiah 31:4.Image


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