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How to Start a Praise Dance Ministry in your church

Someone once asked me for advice on “How to Start a Dance Ministry” in their church. While there are no simple answers to this one. I outlined a few answers that may help you~

1. PRAY. Pray first about the timing and details of starting the ministry before doing anything else. Pray about when to start it and if it should be a private endeavor before taking it to the church stage. Pray about who to approach first and ask for open hearts and minds. This is especially important regardless of the creativity and love of the arts present in your church.

2. GET PERMISSION FROM CHURCH LEADERSHIP. Approach church leadership about incorporating praise dancers into either a specific service each week or allowing dancers to be backstage during worship at any service and come out as the Spirit guides. If the answer is no, and you really feel that the Lord wants you to dance or lead a dance ministry…approach church leadership at a later date. If dance is not a regular way to worship at your church, prepare verses from the Bible that show dance as a normal expression of praise and worship. Try Psalm 149:3, Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 and 1 Samuel 18:6-7 for starters. Show videos or read testimonies of other ministries’ success of adding dance to corporate meetings and the outcome.

3. CHECK THE INTEREST OF THE CHURCH BODY. Once approved, plan for and announce a dance class to see who is interested in being a part of the ministry.

4. GET HELP. If God is leading you to organize a praise dance ministry, scan your congregation for those who are already experienced and skilled in dance to help you organize (and even OUTSIDE of the church)…don’t worry if you are NOT selected as the leader, it’s perfectly alright for God to speak to your heart, but if you are not skilled in choreography…perhaps you will benefit more from the skills and advice of a veteran dancer as leader, with you as an assistant.

5. CONTINUE DANCE TRAINING. While interpretative or informal dance can still be an anointed and creative way to reach God and His people, get further training in a particular genre. This will expand your knowledge and skill. Your choreography can benefit from learning dance vocabulary and technique.



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