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Follow the leader

Dear Dancers:
When we were in pre-school, we played a game called “follow the leader,” “hokey-pokey,” “Punch-a-nella.” All of the childhood games were fun as we laughed, and had fun following the leader. In this brief message, I am talking about church leadership; which includes your

pastor and your dance leader. But then we grew up, and experienced a few problems following leadership. While we all have an opinion about things should go i.e., what uniforms to wear, what the choreography should look like, if our hair should be uniformed or not, let us remember that all we have is just an opinion.
If the leader makes a decision, we should follow leadership. It is the dance leaders call to make decisions and we should not be take offense if they neglect to follow our advice. Protocol dictates that the dance leader follows the vision of the pastor. If we feel that the leader is making an undesirable choice, then pray for your leaders. Don’t infiltrate the dance ministry with gossip, backbiting, and confusion because you are angry that things did not go your way. The Bible says to pray for those who have rule over you, that includes your dance leader (Hebrews 13:17). Sow a positive seed for leadership and when your turn comes to lead in any capacity of ministry, you will reap positive seeds in return.



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