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Do Colors of Praise Dance Garments make a difference?

Yes, colors always have meaning; including the color of praise dance attire. Most of us are oblivious or indifferent concerning these meanings. It may take time and much effort to accumulate all of the colors and have the colors correspond to the dance but pray and God will give you direction~

Black: Affliction; Righteousness, Judgment; Death; Death of old self; Famine; Mourning; Evil; Humiliation; Calamity  Lam. 4:8, Rev. 6:5 

Blue:  Freedom; Holy Spirit & Anointing;Hope; Healing; Grace; Heavenlies; Holy; Revelation; Power & Might; Truth; Holy Spirit; R Reward  Exodus 24:10, Num. 15:38

Bronze: Judgment upon sin; Fires of testing   Num. 21:7

Brown:  Man as we are; Earth Gen. 1:10  

Burgundy:  The Red Earth; Selfish; Covetous Sin

Copper & Gold: Righteousness; Right standing; (Washing by the Word) turns Pink;

Cream:  Healing  

Crimson:  Blood Atonement; Sacrifice; Consuming fire    Isaiah 1:18, Lev. 14:52, Joshua 2:18-21

Crystal:  Overcoming Bride of Christ; Sanctification; Salt of the Earth

Emerald:  Mercy

Green:  Praise; Growth; New beginnings; Eternal life; Prosperity; Vigor; Freshness; Resting in God, Knowledge, Fresh oil; Psalm 52:8, Isaiah 43:18-21, Psalm 52:8

Gold:  Power; His Deity; Glory; Presence of God, Wisdom, Emblem of eternal diety (kingliness); refined by fire,  Acts 17:29, Rev. 21:18-23

Hyacinth: Holy Spirit; Reward; Divine Revelation

Iridescent:  Cleansing Work of the Holy Spirit; Blessings of God; Angel Wings

Orange:  Praise; Spiritual Warfare/Intercession; Relationship/Companionship with God Counsel  Psalm 150, Eph. 6:10-20

Pink:  Right relationship; Power; Healing

Purple: Kingship; Royalty; Majesty, Fear of the Lord, Jesus as Mediator.  Rev. 19:11-16, John 19:2, Judges 8:26

Red:  Salvation; Blood; War; Redemption; Courage; Holy Fire; Life Atonement, Understanding, Covenant; Sign of Victory or Warning: Sacrifice and Courage  Isaiah 27:2, Rev. 6:4, Rev. 12:3, 2 Kings 3:22

Sapphire:  The Heavenlies; the Throne,  Ezk. 1:26

Scarlet:  Sacrifice; Sin; Blood Atonement,  Isaiah 1:18, Joshua 2:18-21, Numbers 19:6, Lev. 14:52, Mt. 27:28

Silver:  Redemption; Strength; Spirit; Revelation; Grace

White:  Purity; Light; Festivity; Triumph; Righteousness; Salt; Holiness;Glory; the Bride; White Robe of Righteousness 

Yellow:  Joy; Sunshine/Sonshine, Spiritual Enlightenment

This was reprinted from http://4everpraise.com/blog/praise-dance-basics-the-meanings-of-the-colors-praise-dance/Image


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